About Us: Overview

Unlocking the Promise of Gene Editing

We are driven to apply our breakthrough technology with urgency to advance therapies and cures for people living with serious diseases.

We stand apart through our ability to use CRISPR technology to harness natural and highly precise cellular DNA repair machinery to achieve efficient and targeted DNA integration to correct the underlying causes of diseases.

Disrupting the Status Quo in Gene Repair

Our unique approach overcomes past barriers to gene editing, achieving high efficiency and targeted DNA integration with CRISPR technology to address the underlying causes of diseases.

Scientific Foundation 

Graphite Bio’s approach is based on the extensive work and expertise of our co-founders Matthew Porteus M.D., Ph.D. and Maria Grazia Roncarolo, M.D., Ph.D. Through his work and collaborations, Dr. Porteus led groundbreaking research improving the efficacy and fidelity of CRISPR technologies that are now the gold standard in the field of gene editing.

Our gene editing platform also builds upon the work of co-founder and current head of translational science, Dr. Daniel Dever. As a post-doctoral student working closely with Dr. Porteus at Stanford, Dr. Dever conducted gene editing research that demonstrated an increase in DNA integration efficiency from less than 1% to greater than 50% across diverse genetic lesions in a wide range of cell types. This work forms the foundation of our next generation platform that enables targeted and permanent DNA integration at very high efficiency.

Boundless Therapeutic Potential, Hope for Patients

Our next generation gene editing platform harnesses CRISPR and natural DNA repair processes called homology directed repair (HDR) to precisely correct a damaged portion of a gene or insert new genetic information to treat disease. We are working with urgency to leverage the unique capabilities of our platform as the engine for delivery of transformational medicines that bring meaningful clinical benefit to patients.

Supported by the Biotech Industry’s Leading Investors

Graphite Bio completed its $45 million Series A financing in September 2020, led by founding investor Versant Ventures together with Samsara BioCapital.