Our vision is simple:
A future where the word ‘incurable’ no longer exists

At Graphite Bio, we’re working to achieve just that. We are driven by our passion to help patients live their best lives possible by rewriting genes so they can write the next chapter of their life story. We are reimagining what we can achieve through the science of gene editing to make ‘one dose, one cure’ a reality.

Cures start with you.

Aiming to fulfill the promise of cures

We are harnessing the power of connections—within the body to heal, to those who are seeking cures, within our own organization, and to others who share our mission—in pursuit of cures for genetic diseases.

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Realizing the full potential of gene editing

Our UltraHDR platform is driving the future of gene editing forward, building on CRISPR technology to precisely correct, replace, and insert genes anywhere in the genome.

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Pursuing cures to give hope to millions

We strive to develop therapies for some of the most serious genetic diseases, rewriting DNA so that patients can write the next chapter of their life story.

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A company connected by passion and purpose

Our team of big thinkers uses bold ideas and a collaborative culture to bring out the best in each other as we pursue cures for seemingly incurable diseases.

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