About Us: A Name with Purpose

The name Graphite Bio is a nod to Dr. Rosalind Elsie Franklin, Ph.D.

As our team pursues a bold mission to advance gene editing to treat disease and transform lives, we are proud to recognize a scientific hero who blazed the path for our important work.

The name Graphite Bio is a nod to Dr. Rosalind Elsie Franklin, an English chemist and X-ray crystallographer. Dr. Franklin was the first to illustrate the atomic structure of graphite. Even more impactful was her work that became central to the understanding of the molecular structures of DNA, RNA and viruses. Her X-ray diffraction images led to the understanding of the DNA double helix.

While Dr. Franklin’s discoveries are foundational to the field of gene editing, it’s her personal story that truly inspires us. She lived a life of extreme clarity and purpose. Science was always her singular focus and calling. While her work was groundbreaking, her contributions were largely overlooked and under-appreciated by the scientific community for decades. She faced many professional and personal challenges in her work. Undaunted, she always marched forward, persevering where many others would not, to overcome seemingly insurmountable barriers. She believed that advancing science for the greater good is what mattered most. Through her dedication, desire and deeds, Dr. Franklin embodies the hero of science that we honor and celebrate by linking her remarkable life story to our company name.